The new gaming experience

What can you expect from our AVATAR ESCAPE?

“AVATAR-ESCAPE” is a new game concept and a mixture of a live escape room and an online game in the real world!
You can control a real person and control his actions LIVE in the stream.
Play the game from the personal perspective of the AVATAR.
Communicate with each other to discuss next actions.
Puzzle your way through the exciting case together and use the whole world of the internet to accomplish your mission.

This Live Video Escape Game is just playable online and not a material existing Escape-Room.

What's important for us in a Live Video Escape Game:

  • Our idea for the LIVE Avatar Escape Game.

    If you want to demand something good from the corona crisis, than that the live escape game owner have become creative once again.
    Many colleagues went online during the crisis.
    They have created browser-based escape games.
    We, the team from LogIN-LogOUT Escape Game in Steinfurt, decided against a browser-based escape game or a click and point game, but still wanted to venture into the Internet!

    We are LIVE escape game operators!

    We want to and will remain faithful to the basic idea of ​​the live escape room! For this reason we will offer the player a LIVE experience with a real environment and a real avatar player on the Internet as well.
    EXPERIENCE together is in the foreground!
    In our first LIVE avatar game, we refrain from unnecessary “frills”. The experience of accompanying a real person LIVE in order to find the solution together is the main focus of this game.

    LIVE and as REAL as possible!

    In our game, there is no other person who loses or controls the game. Just you and the avatar.
    The tasks are done in such a way that these too are close to reality and have no personal specials.
    We keep everything as real as possible!

    A great POTENTIAL

    We are sure that this type of gaming experience still has a lot of potential to become an integral part of a LIVE online community in the future!

  • KATE, caught up with the past

    The story so far

    He has difficulty breathing and has pain all over his body.
    Tied up and with a scarf over his head, nobody hears him!
    A few questions flash through his head like lightning!
    What am I doing here?
    Why I’m here?
    What have I done?
    How do I get out of here?

    WHO AM I?

    He cannot answer a single one of these questions.
    He is desperate, he can only remember fragments!

    … A walk
    – a big van
    – a hit on his head
    – a syringe
    – Darkness!
    Now he hears strange voices in his head!
    Can you help him?


    Team size:
    Up to 4-6 mobile devices/ mobile terms in one stream.

    1. The avatar has the right to act in the interests of his or her safety throughout the game.
    2. If the avatar is insulted or humiliated, the player is put into the role of a viewer.
    3. In the event of repeated violations, the avatar is free to end the game at any time.
    4. No breaks are planned during the game.
    5. We are not responsible for internet / connection problems.
    6. If the player is delayed, we are not responsible.

    This is how it works – booking process

    Price / appointment request

    79.00 € / up to 4 mobile devices
    84.00 € / up to 5 mobile devices
    89.00 € / up to 6 mobile devices

    (other mobile devices and large groups on request)


  • What do I need to play?
    • Something to take notes on
    • A good internet connection
    • PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
    • Microphone, headphones (recommended)
    • Optionally a webcam
      The webcam is used so that all players can see YOU during the game. It’s easier to communicate with a camera, but you can also enjoy the game without a webcam.
  • Helpful Tips


    Here are a few tips:

    Tip number 1: Be thorough!
    As soon as you begin the avatar escape, you should be wide awake and curious. Let the avatar search the room, as there may be a clue or a riddle/clue/indication in every corner.

    Tip number 2: Be organized
    Once the avatar has found clues and everyone knows what he has found, collect the clues in a central place where you will find them whenever you need them. Maybe they will help you later. Then it is good to know where they are.

    Tip number 3: Don’t think too complicated
    Of course, you often have to think around the corner to solve the puzzles, but sometimes the solution is easier than you think! So try the easy way, maybe the solution is right in front of your nose.

    Tip number 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    Our avatar knows exactly where you are and what help you need (to come further). Sometimes just a word or a glance at a certain object will help to get you back on track. The Avatar tries to keep his assistance as discreet as possible. Clues are part of an Escape Game and will help you succeed!

    Tip number 5: Have fun
    This is actually the most important tip of all. In a live avatar escape game, it’s not about the time, it’s about you having fun. So enjoy the game and the gaming experience.

  • Why is it possible to play Online Avatar Escape only with limited devices/participants?
    • Also with our Live Online Escape Game, we want to ensure a certain quality of play.
    • Our Online Escape-Room testers have found out that the more devices are connected in the ZOOM meeting, the more hectic and unorganized the game experience becomes.
    • From the experiences of our Avatar Escape players, we recommend a game with four devices. Of course, you can play with several people on each device.
  • Can you play an Avatar Escape from different locations?
    • Of course. Our Avatar Escape can be played on multiple devices, no matter where those devices are in the world.
  • At what age can you play an avatar escape game?
    • From the age of 16 you can play our Live Remote Escape Rooms without much thoughts. Of course, there is no upper limit for a Live Avatar Escape.
  • How much time do I need to spend on this Online Avatar Escape?
    • The Avatar Escape lasts up to 90 minutes, depending on how well you master the online escape game.
    • We would also appreciate a short feedback session of max. Ten minutes.
    • Our Avatar Escape can also be customized to 60 minutes on request. For this we need the information in advance.