If you want to demand something good from the corona crisis, than that the live escape game owner have become creative once again.
Many colleagues went online during the crisis.
They have created browser-based escape games.
We, the team from LogIN-LogOUT Escape Game in Steinfurt, decided against a browser-based escape game or a click and point game, but still wanted to venture into the Internet!

We are LIVE escape game operators!

We want to and will remain faithful to the basic idea of ​​the live escape room! For this reason we will offer the player a LIVE experience with a real environment and a real avatar player on the Internet as well.
EXPERIENCE together is in the foreground!
In our first LIVE avatar game, we refrain from unnecessary “frills”. The experience of accompanying a real person LIVE in order to find the solution together is the main focus of this game.

LIVE and as REAL as possible!

In our game, there is no other person who loses or controls the game. Just you and the avatar.
The tasks are done in such a way that these too are close to reality and have no personal specials.
We keep everything as real as possible!


We are sure that this type of gaming experience still has a lot of potential to become an integral part of a LIVE online community in the future!