Here are a few tips:

Tip number 1: Be thorough!
As soon as you begin the avatar escape, you should be wide awake and curious. Let the avatar search the room, as there may be a clue or a riddle/clue/indication in every corner.

Tip number 2: Be organized
Once the avatar has found clues and everyone knows what he has found, collect the clues in a central place where you will find them whenever you need them. Maybe they will help you later. Then it is good to know where they are.

Tip number 3: Don’t think too complicated
Of course, you often have to think around the corner to solve the puzzles, but sometimes the solution is easier than you think! So try the easy way, maybe the solution is right in front of your nose.

Tip number 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Our avatar knows exactly where you are and what help you need (to come further). Sometimes just a word or a glance at a certain object will help to get you back on track. The Avatar tries to keep his assistance as discreet as possible. Clues are part of an Escape Game and will help you succeed!

Tip number 5: Have fun
This is actually the most important tip of all. In a live avatar escape game, it’s not about the time, it’s about you having fun. So enjoy the game and the gaming experience.